Upcoming Games

Sun Feb 14 @12:00AM - BYE
Flames vs. BYE
Sun Feb 14 @ 5:45PM - Rink 1
Spuds vs. Pylons
Sun Feb 14 @ 6:00PM - Rink 2
Knights vs. Chiefs
Sun Feb 14 @ 6:55PM - Rink 1
Kenwood Auto vs. Rhinos
Sun Feb 14 @ 7:10PM - Rink 2
Mickey Sports vs. Sells Cars
Sun Feb 14 @ 8:05PM - Rink 1
Whalers vs. Pirates
Sun Feb 14 @ 8:15PM - Rink 2
Hawks vs. Rangers
Sun Feb 14 @ 9:15PM - Rink 1
Vikings vs. Nomads
Tue Feb 16 @ 8:10PM - Rink 1
Jackals vs. Waltham
Tue Feb 16 @ 9:20PM - Rink 1
Devils vs. Hammers
Tue Feb 16 @ 9:30PM - Rink 2
Drizly vs. Hi Ho's

Sunday League Realignment

There has been a realignment of the team structure for the Sunday night league. This realignment is an effort to create both better parity, as well as some additional challenge. The league has been divided up into 3 groups of 5 teams. Teams will play the majority of their games against the other teams in their group. There will also be a single game against each team in the group above, and a single game against each team in the group below. Teams from the first group will not play teams in the third group. The schedule for this weekend, 11/15, is posted. The schedule for the rest of the season will be up shortly. Playoff groupings will be determined at the end of the season.

Group 1Group 2Group 3
Flames Mickey Sports Chiefs
Kenwood Pirates Hawks
Pylons Rangers Knights
Rhinos Sells Cars Nomads
Spuds Whalers Vikings

NVO Senior League Hockey

The NVO Hockey website publishes the schedules, standings and player stats for the Adult Hockey Leagues at Nashoba Valley Olympia in Acton/Boxboro.

Schedules for the Winter 2015-2016 season are posted.

All individual team schedules are available for iCal download. Choose the team in the schedules menu, and click the iCal button.